SKIN REJUVENATING SERUMS - GRANACTIVE RETINOID Granactive Retinoid is the latest, state-of-the-art innovation in the most recognised group of anti-wrinkle agents called retinoids. For decades, dermatologists and professional cosmeticians have considered retinoids, or vitamin A derivatives, to be state-of-the-art anti-wrinkle agents. Active substances have several effects at the [...]

Chemical peels

CHEMICAL PEELS BENEFITS OF CHEMICAL PEELS It removes dead skin cells, helping skin to regenerate. It has a rejuvenating skin effect and visibly reduces the depth of wrinkles. It is excellent for fading pigment spots and treating problematic skin. ACTIVE INGREDIENTS IN CHEMICAL PEELS Glycolic acid: [...]

3 Stem Cell Series

3 STEM CELL SERIES We use plant stem cells to prevent skin ageing. Plant stem cells stimulate skin renewal, delay skin ageing, and support the skin’s defensive mechanism and regenerative abilities. Complex Skin Rejuvenation with the power of 3 stem cells. This 3 in 1 system has [...]

Cleansing Series

CLEANSING SERIES During the formulation of the Helia-D Professional Cleanser series, we did not lose sight of basic skincare which begins with cleansing. During cleansing, we remove dead skin cells, make-up, and remove impurities from the skin. The cleansing series is important not only for the natural regeneration of the [...]

Spice Series

SPICE SERIES The Spice series products were developed for oily and inflamed skin types. By using the Spice series, you can effectively avoid the unpleasant skin reactions caused by oily skin. This is due to the high efficiency that effectiveness of the active ingredients that help [...]

Tens’up Series

TENS'UP SERIES Skin ageing is a natural process; however, this process is aggravated by environmental factors, including the constant effects of gravity. The visible signs of ageing are reduced by using the effective active ingredients in his series where the passage of time makes its first visible impressions. [...]

Tokaji Aszú Wine Therapy Series- Hydrating

TOKAJI ASZÚ WINE THERAPY SERIES- HYDRATING Tokaj is the birthplace of one of the oldest sweet wines, Tokaji Aszú, and in our humble opinion is also the best. In the production we use this Hungarian speciality, the Tokaj essence is a juice squeezed from the aszú seeds by their weight, which contains [...]

Lifting With Vitamin C Series

LIFTING WITH VITAMIN C SERIES This series has skin lifting features to improve the skin tone, leaving the skin visibly younger. We combine modern active ingredients and active ingredient complex, characterised by sophisticated textures, to achieve the desired effect. For instant results, we highly recommend the Tens’ up product range. [...]

Apple Stem Cell Series

APPLE STEM CELL SERIES Since the 17th century, a Swiss apple variant was well-known for its ability to be stored for an extremely long time because of its shape, colour, and consistency that did not change for months. This special apple is extremely rich in plant-active ingredients and long-life plant [...]

Pándi Sour Cherry Series- Revitalising

PÁNDI SOUR CHERRY SERIES- REVITALISING The active ingredient of collagen in cherries and marine plants provides the skin with its radiant properties. This series is a real Hungarian speciality. Due to the high acidity content, sour cherries are excellent for treating seborrheic skins. Due to its carbohydrate content, [...]

Szatmári Plum Series

SZATMÁRI PLUM SERIES WITH NUNATAK® STEM CELL The Szatmári Plum Series with Nunatak® Stem Cell has been specially developed for the treatment, hydration and firming of the skin - it can also be used by people with sensitive skin types. Due to its active ingredients, it makes the [...]

Sunflower-orange Series

SUNFLOWER-ORANGE SERIES The Sunflower-Orange series provides essential properties for long-lasting hydration, regeneration, and firming of the skin. Its effectiveness is due to the combination of Helia-D's patented active ingredient, sunflower stem extract and the latest plant active ingredients (e.g., Zirhafirm). PRODUCTS [...]

Hyaluronic Series

HYALURONIC SERIES A special series that increases the hydration levels of the skin, prevents the premature formation of wrinkles, and helps in reducing the current ones. Hyaluronic acid is an essential component of our tissues, it connects and fills the cell-like network of the connective tissue, thus [...]

Mesotherapy Series

MESOTHERAPY SERIES In our mesotherapy series, we found that the results observed from the latest developments in research that peptides and anti-wrinkle agents can be used to achieve noticeable success in mesotherapy without the use of needling treatments. This is how Progeline ™ and Adipofill’in ™ were chosen, [...]

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