Since the 17th century, a Swiss apple variant was well-known for its ability to be stored for an extremely long time because of its shape, colour, and consistency that did not change for months. This special apple is extremely rich in plant-active ingredients and long-life plant stem cells. The lifespan of cells is related to a special type of cell that science has defined as stem cells.

Plant stem cells that have anti-ageing properties!

The active ingredient extracted from the special Swiss apple stem cell is PhytocellTech ™ Malus Domestica, a European Cosmetic Innovation Award-winning active ingredient, the first cosmetic ingredient with active stem cells to prove its outstanding effect: it significantly slows down the premature ageing of cells, protects skin stem cells and protects skin stem cells.

These plant stem cells are compatible with human skin cells allow for the protection of new skin cells and the absorption of the active ingredients into the skin.