In our mesotherapy series, we found that the results observed from the latest developments in research that peptides and anti-wrinkle agents can be used to achieve noticeable success in mesotherapy without the use of needling treatments. This is how Progeline ™ and Adipofill’in ™ were chosen, which won the Best Innovative Cosmetic Ingredient Award in 2012.

Defying ageing is not just about fighting the signs of ageing, it is also about delaying the ageing process.

Adipofill’in ™ stimulates the growth of the subcutaneous layer, thereby reducing the depth of wrinkles. From the trials conducted, volunteers aged 40 to 60 years were tested with Adipofill’in ™ twice daily for 2 months and produced results showing that the depth of the wrinkles was reduced by 27% and depth by 35%. Progeline ™ is a peptide that significantly reduces progerin production, a substance identified as a potential cause of skin ageing. The active ingredients Adipofill’in ™ and with the addition of Progeline they can penetrate the deeper layers of the cells with the help of a plant stem cell and start rebuilding cells, slowing down the ageing of the skin, thus experiencing a rejuvenating effect: they promote skin cell regeneration and help collagen production.