Tokaj is the birthplace of one of the oldest sweet wines, Tokaji Aszú, and in our humble opinion is also the best. In the production we use this Hungarian speciality, the Tokaj essence is a juice squeezed from the aszú seeds by their weight, which contains mainly sugars, amino acids, and vitamins.

Adding Tokaji aszú and essence to cosmetic products increases the moisturising effect of cosmetics, has a beneficial effect on skin metabolism and improves blood circulation.

Based on the Hungarian patent used in the development of our products, we add the well-aged Tokaj aszú and Tokaj essence to the usual ingredients of cosmetic products, increasing the moisturising effect of the products which have a positive effect on skin metabolism, increase skin tone, have an antiseptic effect whilst nourishing the epidermis.
The higher composition of substances found in Tokaj aszú wines is significant, often a 10-fold difference in glycerol and organic acids compared to other wines. Many of the smaller but essential substances are not present in other wines or only in very small quantities.