The Szatmári Plum Series with Nunatak® Stem Cell has been specially developed for the treatment, hydration and firming of the skin – it can also be used by people with sensitive skin types.

Due to its active ingredients, it makes the skin supple and firm.

This plum is native to Hungary and is known as Szatmári’s and has significant P-Vitamin content, it contains carbohydrates, fruit acids, minerals, Na, K, Ca, Vitamin C, therefore it is primarily suitable for the treatment and nourishment of sensitive skin prone to inflammation. PhytoCellTec ™ Nunatak® is a stem cell extracted from the flower Saponaria pumila (Dwarf Saponaria) that has survived the Ice Age due to its special adaptability. To this day, it is widely found on ice-covered mountains (Nunatak) and is constantly exposed to low temperatures and high UV radiation, so it has developed a self-defence mechanism to protect itself against the harsh environment. The properties of Saponaria pumila are absorbed in the skin with Nunatak® stem cells extracted with PhytoCellTecTM technology.

Nunatak® Stem Cell and Szatmári Plum improve the skin structure, increase cell activity, and reduce the depth of wrinkles. We recommend the series to everyone even those with sensitive skin.