Helia-D has been a symbol of quality for Hungarian cosmetics since the ’80s. Built on the success of our retail brand we used this experience to develop the brand-new professional product ranges at the end of 2011.

The Helia-D Professional brand has been specifically developed for cosmetic professionals in the spirit of tradition and innovation. We utilised the valuable experience of past product lines and integrated them with the latest scientific research developments and achievements of current scientific research.


With almost 80 products, we strive to provide effective solutions for stages of product use in cosmetic treatments. The Helia-D Professional catalogue contains recommended treatment plans to guide cosmeticians in offering the best treatments to their clients. Our products lines are compatible with each other, offering personalised treatments as per skin type and condition. Beyond the recommended treatments, the number of variations is endless.


Helia-D homecare products are excellent as they have a high content of active ingredients and are beautifully presented in elegant packaging. We are proud of our unique packaging that is created by a famous Hungarian designer, Magyar Bella, who collated a drawing of Budapest to uniquely represent each product.


In addition to the well-known active ingredients in our products, we have also placed great emphasis on the results from state-of-the-art developments. In addition to corn leaves, sunflower stalks, Tokaji aszú, Pándi sour cherries and Szatmári plum extract, modern ingredients such as plant stem cells (apple, argan, black barrier and nunatak), hyaluronic acid, marine collagen have also been included in our products Tara Tree extract and polysaccharides.